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Dominique Cottin | Laboratoires DCMG | Food supplements
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  • An information site 2008

    Our client contacts us to set up an information site on his phrare product.
    With our own experience in e-commerce and in particular the automated management of logistics, we suggest that he set up direct sales. It is therefore the launch of a single-product store, with online payment and automated management of delivery notes sent directly to the logistics provider. The site is very successful and the significant margins of direct sales allow our client to develop its range of products.

  • An e-commerce site 2010

    The single-product site becomes a multi-product site

  • A multilingual e-commerce site 2013

    Our client continues to develop abroad, particularly in Europe. We are adapting the solution developed to allow multilingual management (in 5 languages, en - fr - de - it - es).

  • Technical developments 2014 to 2017

    The site is undergoing a graphic and technical overhaul. Technologies and uses change a lot during this period, especially with the development of mobile phones via 4G, we are accompanying you with this change with a graphic and technical overhaul of the site.

  • Towards complete commercial management Since 2017

    Our client has developed its distribution network in France and is starting to develop it internationally. The e-commerce site continues to be exploited but in decline so as not to compete with the national network. On the other hand, the back office is experiencing a significant evolution with the integration of the taking and monitoring of orders, the management of distributors, resellers and promotion agency in the different territories. The application generates the documents according to their destination, it also makes it possible to generate reports and summaries of activity for the network.

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